The Purdue Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) leaders work together with advisory groups to enhance and expand the foundational strengths of the center. PCCR is focused on promoting basic discovery, facilitating transdisciplinary collaborative research, improving the drug discovery pipeline and enhancing the movement of discoveries toward application. Our leadership builds on the center’s core strengths and enables us to drive research toward solutions of major cancer issues. 

PCCR’s Executive Committee, comprised of senior leadership and research program leaders, have dedicated their careers to discovering a cure. They drive PCCR’s mission and research, meeting monthly to review research progress, set goals and track results.

Senior Leadership

Andrew Mesecar, PhD
Interim Director

Min Zhang, MD, Phd, PhD
Associate Director of Data Science

Douglas Cuttell, MS, MBA
Managing Director

Executive Committee

Cell Identity and Signaling

Andrea Kasinski, PhD
Program Co-Leader

Ourania Andrisani, PhD
Program Co-Leader

Drug Delivery and Molecular Sensing

Yoon Yeo, PhD
Program Co-Leader

Bumsoo Han, PhD
Program Co-Leader

Targets, Structures and Drugs

John Tesmer, PhD
Program Co-Leader

Herman Sintim, PhD
Program Co-Leader

Deborah Knapp, MS, DVM
Program Co-Leader