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Speaker: Nadia Lanman, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Pathobiology; Manager, Collaborative Core for Cancer Bioinformatics (C3B)

Topic: An Introduction to Cancer Bioinformatics at Purdue

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Speaker: Joseph Kasper, Liang Zeng Yan, Ayantika Ghosh, Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization

Topic: Career Opportunities in Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Law

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Speaker: Matthew Lynall, Director of the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship; Wade Lange, Vice President and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Purdue Research Foundation

Topic: Technology Commercialization for the Life Sciences

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Two opportunities related to this talk:

Purdue Technology Showcase 2021

Course on Making Medicines (Please contact Dr. Kari Clase ( and  Lauren Terruso  ( to register for this course.)


Speaker: Amanda Thompson and Christine Collins, Directors of OISS at Purdue

Topic: Post-Graduation Immigration Plans: How Not to Panic in the Midst of a Pandemic

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Speaker: Stephanie Oprescu, Zulaida Soto-Vargas, Prof. Shihuan Kuang

Topic: Panel Discussion: F31, unraveled

Information and resources on F31:

NIH Official site 

Local resources at Purdue

F31 information sessions by Purdue Graduate Shool


Speaker: Dr. Perry Kirkham (Purdue EVPRP)

Topic: Communicating for fun and profit: grants, papers, presentations and family dinners

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Speaker: Dr. Maggie Scully (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

Topic: Working at a National Laboratory

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Speaker: Dr. Amruta Inamdar (Purdue CCO, Center for Career Opportunities)

Topic: Strategies to Ace your Online Interviews

Important links mentioned in the talk:

Tips for Fall 2020 from an employer partner (you could find other career-centric tips at the Purdue CCO Blog site):

Purdue CCO services: 

Digital resources for mock interviews:

Purdue Graduate Student Careers social media:


Speaker: Dr. Lisa Nielsen (Purdue Grant Writer and Director of Postdoctoral Office)

Topic: Fellowship Opportunities and Preparation for Graduate Student Cancer Researchers

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