Gender Bias

Workshop Title: Gender Bias
Lead: Mangala Subramaniam, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence. 
Workshop content initially created with: Ayse Ciftci, Educational Studies and Chris Sahley, Purdue-ADVANCE.
In Spring 2021, additional faculty provided input for content and joined  to conduct the workshop: Jennifer Freeman Marshall, English and SIS (WGSS); and Laura Zanotti, Anthropology. 
This workshop was initiated by Professor Subramaniam recognizing it as a key need for units at Purdue. Around the same time, Alan Zillich, Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice at Purdue requested for a bias workshop for his department. The workshop was piloted in the Department of Pharmacy Practice in August 2020. The feedback was positive. Since then, the workshop has been offered to faculty in three iterations in the College of Health and Human Sciences in Spring 2021.
Stereotypes and the biases on which they are based present a subtle but powerful obstacle for women and faculty of color in institutions of higher education. People are less likely to openly admit to negative stereotypes and biases today than in the past; nevertheless, they remain powerful in this quieter form. Bias is manifested as sexism, racism, ethnocentrism, or as intersections of differences (including ability and age). In addition, the structure of higher education and the culture of the workplace deter women from being productive and being heard; and women of color are often viewed as token representation. This workshop is a basic module that will enable discussing gender, intersectionality, and bias to better understand each other, make interactions more meaningful, and improve overall climate for all. Strategies – individual and institutional – to address bias are discussed.
Our main goal is to enable a model that allows all faculty to understand how gender and its intersections with other differences (such as race, ethnicity, class) shapes experiences and success.
Target Audience
The primary target for this workshop is faculty members. Content can be relevant for post-docs as well.
Structure and Content
Designed in an interactive format, the workshop is for about 120 minutes.  The workshop focuses on basic concepts and relies on cases for discussion. The workshop content is organized in three main sections: (A) Review of Knowledge, (B) Experiences as Cases, and (C) Strategies for Enabling Inclusion to Address Gender Bias (and intersections of gender with other axes of difference).


Workshop Title: Gender Bias – Advanced Module
The content for an advanced module of the gender bias workshop is being created. Faculty members involved are: Mangala Subramaniam, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence; Ximena Bernal, Biological Sciences; Jennifer Freeman Marshall, English and SIS (WGSS); and Laura Zanotti, Anthropology.
Details will be available in fall 2021.