Book Series: Navigating Careers in Higher Education

Books in the Book Series
Alcalde, Cristina M. and Mangala Subramaniam (eds.). Dismantling Institutional Whiteness: Emerging Forms of Leadership in Higher Education. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press. Forthcoming 2022.
Book Description: What does it mean to embody change as a leader of color in a space of normative
masculinity and whiteness? Across differences of professional and personal background, disciplines,
administrative roles, and life stories, the narratives and experiences of the women of color in this book
foreground that leadership is always already gendered and racialized, and that disrupting long-standing
structures and hierarchies carries professional and personal costs. A central theme is that women of color
leaders are increasingly called upon to bring about change in diversity, equity, and inclusion even as our
presence, actions, and practices are viewed with suspicion and met with resistance in the predominantly
white world of U.S. higher education. This book brings together counterstories of transgression and
resistance among women of color leaders, a discussion of barriers across institutions, and lessons and
recommendations for change.
1. Introduction: Gendering and Racializing Contemporary Leadership in Higher Education
M. Cristina Alcalde and Mangala Subramaniam
2. “As a campus community, we stand with …”: Leadership Responsibility in Addressing Racism on University Campuses
Mangala Subramaniam and Zeba Kokan
3. Making Noise and Good, Necessary Trouble: Dilemmas of “Deaning While Black”
Carolyn R. Hodges and Olga M. Welch
4. Aligning Narratives, Aligning Priorities: Untangling the Emotional and Administrative Labor of Advising in Liberal Arts Colleges
Jennifer Santos Esperanza
5. On the Perils and Opportunities of Institutionalizing Diversity: A Collaborative Perspective from Academic Unit-Based Diversity Officers
M. Cristina Alcalde and Carmen Henne-Ochoa
6. Vale la pena: Faculty Leadership and Social Justice in Troubling Times
Tanya González
7. Disruptive and Transformational Leadership in the Ivory Tower: Opportunities for Inclusion, Equity, and Institutional Success
Pamela M. Leggett-Robinson and Pamela E. Scott-Johnson
8. Afterword: Strategies and Lessons for Changing the Leadership Landscape in Higher Education
Mangala Subramaniam and M. Cristina Alcalde