New Grants to Purdue

Create and scientifically evaluate evidence-based programs on how to support leadership development on gender and diversity through external funding.

  • Comparing the Effectiveness of Work-Family Interventions: Effects on Supervisors, Employee and Organizations – Funded by Russell Sage Foundation:
    We are partnering with a national food retail company to conduct a randomized field experiment and implement 2 different intervention programs, comparing the effectiveness of each. Our focus is on understanding how to increase organizational work-life support for supervisors’ roles, skills and own work-life demands, and a cell phone policy boundary control intervention.
  • Family Supportive Supervisor Training and Workplace Assessment Tool – Funded by National Institute of Health (NIH):
    Managing the demands of work and personal life is a major stressor affecting employees, yet there are virtually no evidence-based workplace supervisory training interventions to address this critical public health concern. Research has shown work-family conflict can affect health, workplace productivity, family and gender interactions, and safety and wellness on and off the job. We are partnering with employers to evaluate the Work-Life Supportive Supervisor Training (FSST), the only rigorously field-tested training of its kind, to further its mission to help organizations translate evidence-based work-life research into practice.