Violet Haas Award Nomination Criteria

This award recognizes individuals, programs or departments at Purdue who have effectively facilitated the advancement of women in hiring, promotion, education, and salary, or have generally enhanced a positive professional climate for women at Purdue University.
Violet Haas Award Criteria
  • Breadth and impact of nominee’s accomplishments within and beyond the responsibilities of his/her position.
  • Nominee's noteworthy efforts on behalf of women faculty, staff, and/or students at Purdue.
  • Nominee's noteworthy efforts on behalf of women outside of Purdue (if applicable).
  • Nominee's length of service at Purdue and time period of accomplishments, including engaging with the Butler Center.
Nomination packets for the Violet Haas Award must include the following:
  • Nomination letter that is maximum three pages in length and may be signed by more than one individual.
  • Maximum of two letters of support, beyond the nomination letter. Each support letter may be up to two pages in length. Nominator cannot write a letter of support.
  • Attach nominee's CV/resume, condensed to two pages in length, highlighting accomplishments and efforts meeting the award criteria.
Nominations for 2021-2022 are now open. Self-nominations are welcome. Revisions to the nomination cannot be made after submission.
Incomplete nomination packets, nomination packets received after the due date, and/or nomination packets that do not adhere to the requirements will not be considered.
Deadline for submission is 5 p.m. October 6, 2022. Honorees will be recognized at a reception on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Nomination packet must be uploaded as a single PDF here.
For clarifications or questions, contact