Special Award: Enabling Inclusion

Following Provost Jay Akridge’s June 2020 message about “the work that remains” for campus to do to create a better Purdue and a better world, the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence announced a call for project proposals focusing on enabling inclusion at Purdue. This call sought project proposals to further the Butler Center’s goals to foster a climate of inclusion for faculty, particularly for women and underrepresented minorities.
For details of project proposals, please see 'award criteria' on the left hand panel.
The following five projects were selected for the 2020 Enabling Inclusion at Purdue grant:
  • “Allies of Inclusion Program: Promoting Awareness and Participation in Diversity Education to Build Critical Mass for Change," Ximena Bernal (principal investigator). Declined by PI.
  • “Data Promises and Perils in the Time of COVID: Critical Data Studies Teach-Ins and Syllabus Project for Enabling Inclusion at Purdue," Lindsay Weinberg (principal investigator).
  • “Increasing Inclusion in High Performance Computing and Visualization," Laura Theademan (principal investigator).
  • “Enabling Inclusion: Challenging Faculty to Disrupt Surveillance and Discipline of Black Women in Higher Education," Stephanie Masta Zywicki (principal investigator).
  • “Next Steps – Environment Justice, Climate Change, and Racial Justice," Laura Zanotti (principal investigator).
A three- to five-page report on the project and findings will have to be submitted to the Butler Center at the end of the one-year project period. The grant awardees will be recognized at the Butler Center’s year-end reception in spring 2021 assuming restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted.