Resources for Members and Mentees

Articles from Alternative Sources
  1. Volpe, Allie. 2019. "Why You Need a Network of Low-Stakes, Casual Friendships", New York Times. Download here.
  1. Russell, Aspen. "Attention Men: How to Be an Ally." AWIS. Download here.
  2. Taylor, Lynn S. 2021. "Work−Life Balance in the Pharmaceutical Sciences: More Essential Than Ever Today of science." Molecular Pharmaceutics. Download here.
Online Training
  1. The following online training has some excellent resources for mentors and maybe even for mentees. It has several modules and a terrific one on challenges. You may want to plan to review it in parts. You can create a guest account to access the online course.
    University of Minnesota. Online course: Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring (OPM) 101: For Research Mentors of Graduate Students, Fellows, and Early-Career Faculty.