CRN Connect for Mentees

In an effort to share the accomplishments and news of the CRN mentees widely, we will start a monthly newsletter, CRN Connect, in August 2021. This is in response to a request from a CRN mentee. We expect to share the newsletter widely within and outside Purdue. (CRN mentees: Please check the formatted examples sheet to submit items. The sheet hast the link to the Google doc as well.)
The timeline for monthly issues is as follows: Deadline for submission for each monthly issue is the 15th of the previous month to the 15th of the month of issue. (For example submissions for the October issue can be entered in the google doc between Sept 17th and Oct 15th).
The CRN Connect monthly issue will be posted on the website and emailed on the last working day of each month (for example, the October issue will be posted and emailed on Oct 29th).