Issues of CRN Connect

For more information about the CRN Connect, please visit this page. Starting in Spring 2022 the frequency of the CRN Connect has been revised and there will be one issue each at the end of the spring, summer, and fall semester moving forward.
Starting with the spring 2022 issue, we are highlighting two CRN mentees. Additionally, a column requested by the CRN mentees, what can I ask my CRN mentor/s?, is included. This column will cover a wide variety of topics and questions that will serve as pointers and examples. CRN mentors and mentees are welcome to write for this column.
Summer 2022 Issue - download here.
Spring 2022 Issue – download here.
November 2021 Issue - download here.
October 2021 Issue - download here.
September 2021 Issue - download here.
Inaugural Issue, August 2021 - download here.