Description and Structure of Support Circle

SBBCLE-WGHI SC’s key goal is to mitigate stress and enable wellness by sharing information and through a consciousness-raising process. The SC takes an integrated approach to care, support and provide faculty the opportunity to discuss emotional, career, social, intellectual, creative and environmental wellness. It is an informal and flexible space in contrast to the formal initiatives and programs that often check boxes but do not facilitate the sharing of experiences, vulnerabilities, and fears akin to processes of consciousness raising that can contribute to a greater sense of belonging and courage to face uncertainties. The SC:
  • Creates an informal space on campus for individuals to raise and discuss what is on their mind.
  • Promotes a culture of wellness - physical and mental health
  • Serves as a space for mutual and group mentoring. Offers a peer support circle of faculty colleagues who will listen to and talk with faculty about their concerns
  • Provides resources and information on ways to address concerns
  • Advocates for change and support on campus for identified areas of concern related to harm, accountability, and healing
Structure of Support Circle
The Support Circle will comprise peer tenured faculty on campus, and be chaired by the Butler Chair and Director of SBBCLE, and a tenured faculty member. Additionally, the SC will have up to six faculty members as Allies.
The Support Circle session focused on health will comprise peer tenured faculty on campus with four co-chairs – the Butler Chair and Director of SBBCLE, the Director and co-Director of the Women’s Global Health Institute and a tenured faculty member whose research is focused on women’s health.
The SC Faculty Allies will have completed basic training/workshops on key topics and must:
  • Be willing to serve an initial one-year term
  • Be a tenured faculty member
  • Required to complete allyship training to be specified
  • Be willing to be advocates and lobby for inclusion and change to address general trends