Friday, March 6, 2020
NCFDD Workshop: Every Semester Needs A Plan

Workshop conducted by: Dr. Lisa Hanasono, Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University on behalf of NCFDD
The goal of the workshop, ‘Every Semester Needs A Plan’ is to teach participants how to make deliberate use of unstructured time to meet goals for which they don’t have built-in accountability: health, wellness, research, and writing. The facilitator guides participants to actively identify their health and wellness and professional goals, map out the steps needed to accomplish these goals, introduce this plan into their calendar, and set up an accountability structure and support system that will sustain and motivate them to stick to their strategic plan. Once they map their responsibilities and commitments onto their calendar, most people recognize pretty quickly that they have more tasks than time. This workshop helps participants to identify the tasks that can be delegated, compromised, or discarded with to make time for what needs to get done. Participants learn to block their time commitments onto their weekly calendars, create their to-do list, and prioritize what needs to be done.