Keynote and Workshop

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

9:00 am: Welcome and Opening remarks - Mangala Subramaniam, Professor and Butler Chair and Director, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, Purdue University and Jay Akridge, Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, Purdue University.
Remarks by Susan Butler.
9:30 am: Keynote: Leadership that Makes a Difference
Samantha Power, Anna Lindh Professor of Practice, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School, Harvard University

Samantha Power

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power is currently the Anna Lindh Professor of Practice at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School. She is one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People,”  a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and war correspondent. Her recent book, The Education of an Idealist, chronicles her years in public service and reflects on the role of human rights and humanitarian ideals in contemporary geopolitics. Power spent half her career explaining complex geopolitical events and eight years at the UN including four years (2013-17) as the 28th United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2013 to 2017. Before joining the U.S. government, Ambassador Power was the founding executive director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, a columnist for Time, and a National Magazine Award-winning contributor to the Atlantic, the New Yorker, and the New York Review of Books. Power earned a B.A. from Yale University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.
12:45-2:00 pm: Breakout Sessions. See program for details.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

9:00 am: Welcome and Opening remarks - Mangala Subramaniam, Professor and Butler Chair and Director, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, Purdue University
9:30 am: Keynote: Leading Diversity and Inclusion in Turbulent Times
Dr. Cheryl Gittens, Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Cheryl B. Gittens is the interim Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer at UW-Madison. She is an experienced academic and student affairs administrator who has successfully planned, implemented and managed programs and services designed to increase high school graduation, college enrollment and retention at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In her role, Gittens provides overall leadership for the university’s efforts to create a diverse, inclusive and successful work and learning environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and others who partner with the university. She works with schools, colleges and other administrative units across campus on diversity and inclusion initiatives while supervising the key diversity units that comprise the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA).
11:00 am: Workshop: How Can Professors Practice Resilience with Vulnerability in the Academic Context?
Dr. Tanya Williams, Curriculum Specialist, LeaderShape
Resilience is “the capacity of a system, enterprise, or person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.” (“Why Things Bounce Back”, by Zolli and Healy). In this workshop, participants will explore that definition of Resilience and why it’s needed in our lives. Participants will build an understanding of LeaderShape’s model of Resilience and make personal meaning of that model as they advance in their profession. Through a virtual workshop, participants will learn more about how stressors impact them and how they can better respond to them. Participants will also take a personal look at the identities they hold and how the intersections of those identities impact their ability to be resilient in a way that recognizes and embraces vulnerability. The workshop will provide tools to help faculty deal with stressful moments in their professions to practice their resiliency.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Defining resilience and understanding how identity intersects with that definition.
  • Defining vulnerability in the context of your role as a faculty member.
  • Determining strategies and best practices for practicing vulnerability in resiliency.


Dr. Tanya Williams has over 25 years of diversity, inclusion, and social justice teaching, programming and facilitation experience in higher education including professional roles at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, and most recently, Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York as the Deputy Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement. In her work as an equity coach and consultant, she has continued working with colleges and universities, non-profits, and K-12 schools. Dr. Williams, holds a doctorate (Ed.D) in Social Justice Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and her dissertation, entitled A Process of Becoming: U.S. Born African American and Black Women in a Process of Liberation from Internalized Racism, focused on internalized oppression and liberation.

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