Conference for Pre-Tenure Women

  1. Who can attend the Conference for Pre-Tenure Women?

    All pre-tenure faculty and clinical faculty from Purdue and other universities can register and attend the conference. Advanced graduate students and post-docs from Purdue and elsewhere can also register and attend. Although many sessions and workshops at the conference are geared towards professional development of early career academics, post-tenure faculty are also welcome to register and attend. The emphasis is on women’s success, but men are welcome to attend.

  2. How can Purdue faculty get special pricing for the conference registration?

    There is a special conference pricing (free) for Purdue faculty. Please email butlercenter@purdue.edu with your name, title/rank, and department for the special pricing coupon code for registering online. Please send the email and request for the code before you register.

  3. Is the special pricing for registration available for faculty at Purdue’s branch campuses (other than the main campus)?

    Special pricing is available for ALL faculty at all Purdue campuses. Post-docs and graduate students will have to register by paying the minimal fee (see next question).

  4. What is the registration cost for Post-docs and graduate students at Purdue?

    The fee for all Purdue graduate students and postdocs is $50, which is considerably lower than the regular registration fee of $175. Some Post-docs and graduate students have requested their departments to assist or pay the reduced registration cost of $50 and that may be an option.

  5. I want to attend only the keynote and workshop. Should I register for the conference?

    Yes, you must register even if you want to attend some parts of the conference such as the keynote, writing workshop, or if you are a panel speaker.

  6. Can I apply for the fellowship?

    Faculty from outside Purdue can apply for the fellowship. Unfortunately, the deadline for the fellowship application for the 2018 conference has passed (it was August 15th).