Meet the Director

Mangala Subramaniam

Mangala Subramaniam
Chair and Director, Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence 
Professor Subramaniam is a leading scholar in the areas of gender and its intersections with caste and class, social movements, environmental justice, and globalization. Her research is international in scope and her projects focus on gender politics, development, and the state. She examines the contentious nature of the politics of gender, caste, and class issues surrounding rights – the management and control of resources such as seeds and water and access to health care specifically the politics of HIV prevention. She has published three gender-related books and a fourth and most recent one on environmental justice. She teaches courses about gender and social movements around the world. She has received teaching awards at the department and college level.
More recently, she has begun studying mid-career women faculty at universities; their satisfaction with recognition and appreciation and climate in universities. Some of this work has emerged from participating and leading the data analysis in the COACHE working groups convened by the Purdue’s Office of the Provost in 2016. She continues this work as the Director of the Butler Center. Since starting at the Butler Center in 2017, she has consolidated earlier efforts and expanded them, created new initiatives, and developed a research arm. Continuing to build her leadership skills, she attended the 2019 Harvard’s Women in Education Leadership program. She is a participant in the 2019-20 HERS Leadership Institute program and completing a capstone project on faculty retention and inclusive excellence.
Professor Subramaniam has held elected offices as Treasurer of the Sociologists for Women in Society and Secretary/Treasurer and Council Member of the Sex and Gender Section of the American Sociological Association. She has also served as a member of the Editorial Board of Gender and Society, the premier scholarly sociological journal for gender-related research. She is currently an Associate Editor of Social Problems, a major journal in sociology. For more details, see her full CV.