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Approvals and Notifications

In the new travel transformation, processes were simplified including authorization/approvals. The integrated travel system has minimal pre-approvals with full notification. Go to the Travel Workflow for details.

Pre-trip Approval

Pre-Trip Approval is only required if it meets the following criteria: 

  • International and funded by ARO
  • International and funded by EPA
  • International and funded by a State Sponsored grant
  • DOE Lab
  • Sponsor required
  • Departmental Mandate
  • When a pre-trip cash advance is requested
  • Students traveling internationally to countries with warnings

Pre-trip approval is obtained through the completion of a “Trip Request” in the Concur Travel and Expense System. 


Any travel that is not blanket travel requires notification even if pre-trip approval is not required. Notifications are created through the completion of a “Trip Request” in the Concur Travel and Expense System.  If travel services are booked with the online Concur System, a “Trip Request” will automatically be created and initiate notifications.  If travel services are booked outside of the online system or is a $0 trip (all expenses paid by a third party), a manual “Trip Request” in Concur will be required to initiate notifications.

Notification reports will be sent overnight by email to:

  • Traveler
  • Traveler's Delegate/Arranger (if involved in the request)
  • Traveler's Supervisor
  • Fiscal Approver of all funding sources allocated

Blanket Travel

Blanket Travel is defined as any travel that does not include a common carrier ticket (air or train).  Blanket Travel does not require a “Trip Request” or any pre-trip approval or notification