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Trip Cancellation or Changes

When a trip is cancelled, the traveler must contact the Business Office and Anthony Travel (if travel was booked in Concur) as soon as possible.

Trips may be cancelled when an emergency occurs (illness of the traveler or immediate family member), family emergency or a supervisor may request that the traveler cancel the business trip.  All other reasons for cancelling or changing the trip must be approved by the fiscal approver.

Generally airfare can be exchanged for a future 'business only' trip and a new ticket is re-issued through the airline or travel agency.  Airlines may charge a fee of $150-$250 or higher to exchange a nonrefundable ticket depending on the airline exchange policy.  The exchange fee is reimbursable with proper documentation.  The documentation for the exchanged (original) ticket must be attached to the expense report.

An unused airfare ticket must be attached to the expense report if there is a reimbursement and it cannot be exchanged for a future trip.

When booking lodging outside of Concur Travel & Expense, some sites may require a deposit or payment in full at the time of the reservation.  It is a Purdue best practice to never book a nonrefundable lodging stay.  The traveler should make every effort to notify the hotel of the cancelation within the prescribed time to get a full refund.  If the traveler cancels due to one of the reasons mentioned above, the expense is allowable.

However, the department head has the discretion to limit the amount.