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Reimbursable Miscellaneous Trip Expenses

General Expenses for All Travel | Expenses Specific to Foreign Travel

Receipts are required if each expense (or total of expenses in reasonable categories, such as parking, taxis, etc) is $75 or greater.

General Expenses (All Travel)

Expense Must be Required for University Business Trip

  • Baggage charges:
    1. Transportation charges for authorized excess baggage when carrying equipment necessary to complete official business
    2. Necessary charges or tips for storage when such are a result of official business
    3. Charges for checking baggage
    4. Charges or tips (at airport, taxi, shuttle or courtesy drivers, and/or lodging) for handling luggage
    5. Sending baggage, samples, display materials, and/or supplies to/from official business location and official station
  • Services of guides, interpreters, or drivers
  • Use of computers, printers, fax machines, and scanners when necessary to complete official business mission
  • Fees for conference/meeting rooms and equipment when necessary to complete official business mission
  • Official telephone calls/service, such as faxes, telegrams, etc
  • Lodging taxes, energy surcharge and lodging fees when such fees are not optional.
  • Laundry, cleaning, and pressing of clothing (To qualify for this expense, the traveler must incur a minimum of 4 consecutive nights on official University business.)
  • Emergency purchases of materials or services (i.e., film, batteries, photocopying, etc.) when necessary to complete official business mission.
  • Sales tax on purchases made in Indiana can be reimbursed, but a good faith effort should be made to use the Purdue Sales tax exemption certificate (ST-105) and/or a Purdue purchasing card (P-card) as a primary tool.  The Tax Group no longer audits for sales tax payments and will pay the amount requested and approved by the DIV approver. 
  • Sales tax on out-of-state purchases will be reimbursed. (Contact the Tax Group for information on sales tax.)
  • Charges and tips for taxi, shuttle, courtesy transportation drivers
  • E-Z Toll Pass devices in rental vehicles
  • Early Check-In Fees - for airlines that do not assign seats (i.e., Southwest) or those that do not assign seats until check-in (i.e., Frontier).  This does not include early boarding when seats have been assigned.
  • TSA and Global Entry Enrollment Fees - allowable for travelers that fly three or more times per year.

Special Expenses (Specific to Foreign Travel)

Expense Must be Required for University Business Trip

  • Fees for conversion of foreign currency
  • Passport and/or visa fees
  • Foreign country entry/exit fees
  • Costs of photographs for passports and visas
  • Costs of birth, health, and identity certificates
  • Charges for vaccinations necessary for foreign travel