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Glossary-Definitions and Terms


The travel agency which fulfills the tickets and reservations made in Concur Travel & Expense.  They officer 24/7 access to assistance and help while in travel status.


A business rule flag which tells the user if the booking/expense report is clear for submission; yellow needs review and red needs an action to be taken.


A person that can book travel on behalf of the employee.  The employee must submit the travel request.

Blanket Travel

Blanket Travel is defined as any travel that does not include a common carrier ticket (air or train).  Blanket Travel does not require a “Trip Request” or any pre-trip approval or notification.

Business Travel for Purdue University

Business travel is defined as duties that require the traveler (Purdue employee) to be away from their regular place of business or post of duty (official station).  The regular place of business or post of duty (official station) includes the entire city or general area in which the official station is located. Travel between official station and family home is not a reimbursable expense.

Concur Travel and Expense

The web-based system Purdue employees use to request, book and reconcile travel expenses.

Cooperative Extension Service (CES)

The Cooperative Extension Service consists of extension educators from 92 counties who travel throughout the State for the benefit of agriculture, youth, families and communities. The Business Manager for CES is located in the Agriculture Administration Building.


A person that can create a travel request and/or expense report on behalf of the traveler.  The traveler must submit the request or expense report.

Expense Report

The expense report in Concur Travel & Expense is used by the traveler to account for all expenses incurred for the business trip.

JP Morgan Chase

Provides Purdue with our Visa travel card.  The Visa travel card is a corporate liability/corporate pay.  All travel card charges are uploaded daily into the Concur system.

Procurement Services

Procurement Services procures goods and services for the West Lafayette campus in support of the mission of Purdue University. The department currently consists Procurement, Accounts Payable, Procurement and Travel Card and Travel.

Request (Travel Request)

Contains a collection of traveler-specific information in Concur Travel & Expense.  The request consists of request header, segments (air, hotel, train, car rental), expenses  (list of estimated costs for the trip) and audit trail.

Risk Management

Risk Management manages the principal insurance programs of the University (i.e., auto liability, physical damage, etc.). Questions concerning coverage, claims and procedures should be directed to the Risk Management Office. They are located in Freehafer Hall.


Used to identify employees and facilitate payments once expense report has been audited and approved.

Travel Clerk - AP & Travel

The travel clerks audit all travel reimbursement requests for accuracy and compliance to state, federal and university travel policy. They also serve a resource for pre-trip planning with regard to allowable expenses. The current auditors may be reached at extension 49-49037 or 49-47354.