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Prepaid Expenses

Prepaid or pre-trip travel expenses for University business may be purchased with the Visa travel card.  

When the employee/traveler is not allowed to have a Visa travel card:

  1. Employees may request a cash advance when a travel request is submitted.
    • The cash advance will be deposited into the traveler's bank account 3-4 days prior to the trip departure date.
  2. A travel request should be submitted before expenses are booked with Altour.
    • Call Altour (once the request has been submitted and approved) at 855-512-7955 to book airfare, train, hotel and/or car rental.
      • When booking through Altour, hotel and car rental are reservation only.  The traveler will be required to present a credit card when checking in at the hotel or picking up the vehicle.
    • When speaking with the Altour agent, please be sure to give them the account assignment (fund, cost center and/or order number).
  3. Delegates/travelers may prepay hotel stays by booking with Purdue's Hotels.com.
      • Avoid Reserve Only and Non-refundable reservations.

NOTE: If the traveler chooses not to get a Visa travel card or to use a personal card to prepay expenses, payment of the expense is reimbursed when the traveler returns from the trip.

When the expense report is submitted:

  1. If the department chooses, the p-card may be used to prepay expenses.
  2. Items prepaid using the department p-card should be entered as 'Company Paid'.
    • All receipts for the prepaid items should be attached to the expense report