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Helpful Tips


Airport security screening procedures will be significantly more stringent than before.

Don’t let a prohibited item ruin your trip. You are permitted to travel with most items, but you must put them in your luggage and check them with your airline. Certain items are prohibited from carry-on luggage for the overall security of air travelers. Prohibited items obviously include weapons, explosives, and incendiaries, but also items that are seemingly harmless and may be used as weapons like hammers, bats, or mace.  You may not bring these items to security checkpoints.

See Transportation Security Administrations site for current rules on what is allowed in luggage.

Complete a Personal Luggage Inventory

  • Examine everything that you normally pack in your suitcase and evaluate whether an object could be scrutinized by airport security.
  • Consider removing anything that could be perceived as threatening, or may raise suspicion at a security screening checkpoint.
  • Anticipate the possibility that your bag will be opened for a security inspection.
  • Pack efficiently, placing smaller items together in a pouch or bag.
  • Avoid over-packing so that carry-on luggage and checked suitcases can be opened and closed with ease.
  • Make sure that each suitcase has a name tag securely affixed to it.
  • Bring a government-issued photo identification card (such as a driver's license) or passport to the airport. Customers will not be allowed to check-in without proper identification.
  • Do not let bags out of your control after packing and before check-in.
  • Do not carry gift wrapped items. TSA officers may have to unwrap a gift to take a closer look inside. TSA recommends that you wrap gifts after your flight or ship them ahead of time.


A printed e-ticket confirmation is required to go through security.  If you do not have one of these documents, you will be required to go to the ticket counter to obtain a copy.

If you purchased your e-ticket through an on-line travel vender, i.e., Expedia or Travelocity, you may print a receipt to take to the airport with you:

  • Go to the website and follow instructions to print a receipt/confirmation.
  • If you do not have the receipt/confirmation, you may obtain one at the ticket counter.


  • Confirm your flight status before proceeding to the airport.
  • Customers are encouraged to arrive at the airport at least two hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights, and at least two-and-one-half hours before international flights.


  • Expect restricted airport parking.
  • Do not leave your vehicle or baggage unattended.
  • Aircraft security will be making thorough sweeps of airport properties.
  • Expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement personnel outside and inside the terminal building.
  • Proceed inside the terminal with your luggage.
  • Curbside check-in and off-airport checked baggage options may not be available.
  • E-ticket customers with luggage to check may proceed to the ticket counter.
  • Pack all electrical items in carry-on bags.
  • Declare all electrical items you have packed.
  • Do not carry gifts or packages for anyone you do not know very well.
  • Do not leave your bags or articles unattended.
  • Do not check bags for anyone else.
  • Report any unattended bags to airline or security personnel.
  • Answer all questions asked by security personnel clearly and carefully.


Access beyond security is now restricted to passengers and employees only.

Have your ticket available, along with your government ID. 

You will not be permitted past the security check-in area without these documents.

  • As always, prepare to empty your pockets of coins, metal objects, etc.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate the operation of electronic equipment such as laptops, cell phones, etc.
  • Please be patient.
  • Do not make jokes about security.
  • Comply with all security instructions.
  • Be prepared for increased passenger and baggage-security screening.
  • Wand checks and full-body hand searches may be expected.

Additional tips:

  • Watch for and report suspicious activity to security personnel.
  • Be alert for suspicious items in airport wastebaskets or other locations.
  • Be sure to keep your baggage receipts for verification once you reach your destination.