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Fixed Meal Allowance

The University provides fixed meal (per diem) allowance to staff while traveling on official University business at the rate set by the General Services Administration (CONUS-Continental United States and OCONUS-Outside the Continental United States rates) based on location of University business.

Fixed meal allowance (Also referred to as per diem, Meals & Incidental Expenses (M & IE) or subsistence.) is a fixed amount provided for meals, tips to waiters/waitresses, room service, etc, (see table below).

Fixed meal allowance begins the day the traveler departs for the business and continues through the day of return as long as all days in between are business related.  On the day travel ends, (traveler returns to official station) the rate will be the same as the last place of business.  For trips involving multiple approved business locations in one day or an overnight layover at an airport, the fixed meal allowance will be paid at the rate for the location of lodging.

Generally travel begins the day prior to business and ends the day after end of business. An additional rest period is allowable at the beginning of business (not greater than 24 hours) if the flight, plus stopovers, is greater than 14 hours, the destination is foreign travel, airfare is coach/economy, and follows a direct usually travelled route (no pesonal destinations). When a rest stop is authorized the applicable fixed meal allowance rate is for the rest stop location.  When the International Date Line is crossed, actual elapsed time will be used rather than calendar days.

Any meals provided should be deducted according to policy.

See the Reimbursable Miscellaneous Expense table for a list of reimbursable travel expenses.

Examples of common unreimbursable items to be paid from the fixed meal (per diem) allowance:

Meals (food, snacks, coffee, etc) Tips (restaurants or hotel room service)
Telephone Calls (Other than official business) Additional beds for non-employees
Laundry or Dry Cleaning (If travel is less than 4 consecutive days) Pressing or Freshening of Clothing (If travel is less than 4 consecutive days)
Use of Appliances in Rooms Television/Entertainment Equipment
In-Room Movies & Games Locksmith Fees - (Example: locked keys in car-personal or rental vehicle)
Late Check-Out Fees

Parking Tickets  (Personal or Rental Vehicles)

Speeding tickets  (Personal or Rental Vehicles)

International Change Fees connected to a meal expense when paid with the Visa travel card


 When travel is

 Your fixed meal allowance rate is
 (Based on location of University-related business)

Less than 12 hours


 12 or more hours but less than 24 hours

 75 percent of the applicable rate for each calendar day you are in a travel status.

 24 hours or more, on

 The day of departure

 75 percent of the applicable rate.

 Full days of travel

 100 percent of the applicable rate.

 The last day of travel

 75 percent of the applicable rate.


How much fixed meal allowance will I receive on my day of departure and returning day?   

Travelers are eligible for 75 percent of the total fixed meal allowance rate for the University-related business travel location. 

Domestic Travel -- Overnight

Fixed meal allowance for overnight travel on University business is based on federal rates.  This includes travel inside the State of Indiana.

Fixed meal allowance starts on the day the traveler departs from his/her home, office, or other authorized point and ends on the day of return to home, office or other authorized point.

Definition of Domestic Travel

Domestic travel includes travel within and between any of the 50 States of the United States and its possessions and territories.  For travelers who live outside the United States and it possessions, domestic travel is that travel performed within the travelers' own country.

  1. To Find the Domestic Subsistence Rate:

    1. Open CONUS Website - (Use Drop Down for Prior Years)
      (NOTE:  See letter D below to find rates for Alaska, Hawaii, & U.S. Territories)

    2. Select year of travel

    3. Click on the state where the city is located.

    4. Use side scroll bar to locate city.

    5. Per diem rate is found in the Meals & Incidental Expense (M&IE) Rate column

    6. If city is listed, use the applicable M & IE rate.

      • If the city is not listed, it may be located in one of the counties listed in the Counties column.  (See B-What if I can't find the City at the CONUS website?)  

  1. What if I can't find the City at the CONUS website?

    If your city is not listed on the per diem rate listing under Primary Destination, it may be a city in one of the counties listed under the County column.

    To Find the subsistence rate of a city in a County:

    1. Enter the name of the city n the 'Search by City, State or Zip Code (current fiscal year)' box above the blue United States map. Do not enter the state name. Click on 'Find Per Diem Rates'
      Example: Enter Hillsboro, NOT Hillsboro, Indiana or Hillsboro, IN

    2. Use the dropdown to select the state

    3. Click on 'Find Per Diem Rates' button.  This will bring up the M & IE for the city you entered and the county it is located in.

    4. If the city is not located in one of the counties listed in the 'County' column, the rate will come up as the Standard Rate. 

  1. What if neither the City or County are listed in the CONUS list?

    If the city or county cannot be found, use the Standard CONUS M&IE rate.  This is found in the first row of the per diem rates for each state.  Rates are in effect Oct 1 through Sept 30.  

      D.  How do I find rates for Alaska, Hawaii & U.S. territories & possessions?

  1. Go to Department of Defense Per Diem, Travel & Transportation Allowances

  2. On the right-hand side of the page under 'OUTSIDE CONUS,Non-Foreign Overseas and Foreign', use the dropdown boxes to select country/state and date of travel (under Published).

  3. Click on 'EXECUTE'

  4. IMPORTANT:  Add amount in 'Local Meals' and 'Local Incidental' columns to arrive at the correct per diem rate.

Foreign Travel -- Overnight

All foreign travel will be reimbursed using US Department of State Foreign Per Diem Rates unless the source of funds requires the travel be reimbursed using state foreign travel reimbursement rates.

Definition of Foreign Travel

Foreign travel is defined as travel to, between, or within countries 'outside' the United States and its territories and possessions.

Travelers may add a rest period, not in excess of 24 hours, at either an intermediate point or at the traveler's destination if:

  1. Either origin or destination point is OCONUS (outside the continental United States);
  2. Scheduled flight time, including stopovers, exceeds 14 hours;
  3. Travel is by a direct route; and
  4. Travel is by economy/coach class

The traveler is not eligible to be reimbursed for the rest period if a higher class airfare is used.

State Travel Per Diem Rates

State travel regulations are defined as the policies established by the Department of Administration and approved by the State Budget Agency.  All travel required to follow state regulations will be reimbursed at the approved state rates. 

For other information about traveling reimbursed using state funds go to the State Funded Travel.

A subsistence rate will be reimbursed as follows:


In-State Out of State
(Including U. S. Possessions)
$26.00 $32.00


Japan Korea Taiwan China France Great Britain Germany Netherlands Singapore
$90.00 $85.00 $85.00 $65.00 $65.00 $65.00 $65.00 $65.00 $65.00

 The maximum allowable reimbursement rates for travel in all other foreign countries is $50.00.

Deductions for meal provided when state per diem rates  (domestic and foreign) are used:

  • 25% breakfast
  • 25% lunch
  • 50% dinner

Same Day Travel

'Same Day Travel' is when the traveler is in travel status 12 hours or more, returns to the official station in less than 24 hours. Some 'same day' travel may take the traveler out of state and/or they may not return until the early morning hours of the next day, but length of the travel event is less than 24 hours, so it is considered 'same day' travel.

                       When travel is 

                Your fixed meal allowance rate
 (is based on location of University-related business)

 12 or more hours but less than 24 hours

 75 percent of the applicable rate


If Registration Fee for same day travel includes meals, or the traveler is furnished meals gratis, the standard deduction for these meals should be reflected in the reimbursement request.

Any required same day business travel on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, will be reimbursed if travel is 12 hours or more.

Part-time employees or employees interrupting vacation leave for a morning or evening meeting would not qualify for meal allowances if travel is less than 12 hours.