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Foreign Fixed Meal Allowance Rates

All foreign travel will be reimbursed using federal foreign travel reimbursement rates unless the source of funds requires the travel be reimbursed using state reimbursement rates.

Foreign travel is defined as travel to, between, or within countries outside the United States and its territories and possessions.  This includes Canada and Mexico.

Fixed Meal Allowance (per diem) is paid at the foreign business destination rate from the time an individual leaves their official station until they arrive back at their official station.

Federal Foreign Travel Reimbursement Rates

Federal foreign travel reimbursement tables from the U.S. Department of State are stored in the Concur Travel & Expense system.  Travelers no longer need to look up these rates for each expense report.  If there is a need to manually look up the rates, please go to Foreign Per Diem Rates.

Use the Meal Deduction Table to determine the amount that should be deducted for meals included in registration fees, lodging rates, or provided by someone else. The source of this table is Appendix B to Chapter 301 - Allocation of M&IE Rates to be Used in Making Deductions from the M&IE Allowance, from the Federal Travel Regulations.