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Information for Suppliers

About Purdue University

Purdue University is composed of three campuses, with its main campus in West Lafayette and regional campuses serving other areas of the state located in Hammond, Fort Wayne, and Westville.  Indiana University and Purdue University jointly offer academic programs at the Fort Wayne campus (IPFW) and at the campus in Indianapolis (IUPUI).  Purdue University has fiscal responsibilities for IPFW while Indiana University has fiscal responsibilities for IUPUI.  Purdue University also operates a Statewide Technology Program at numerous locations throughout Indiana.  In addition, we have county extension offices in all 92 Indiana counties.

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About Procurement Services

Procurement Services encompasses Strategic Sourcing, Operational Procurement, Contracting, Accounts Payable, Travel and Procurement Card.

Procurement Services is engaged in the following activities:

  • Source large dollar purchases for risk mitigation, compliance, and cost savings
  • Draft contract language, negotiate terms, and facilitate contract dispute resolution between the University and suppliers
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Maintain a robust procurement system for ordering, receiving, and invoicing
  • Provide travel and expense reimbursement services
  • Manage system-wide p-card activity
  • Ensure suppliers are paid accurately and promptly

Supplier Expectations

Procurement Services goal is to ensure that products and services purchased meet the needs of our faculty and staff.  We value suppliers that take time to understand our culture and expectations as well as finding ways to add value.  Our suppliers must understand and demonstrate the importance of meeting commitments and delivering the highest quality and services.  We appreciate suppliers that form a partnership to understand and share our challenges and are committed to helping us in finding possible solutions.

As suppliers consult with departments, informal quotations may be requested.  Copies of each quotation should be directed to the appropriate buying staff in Procurement Services, as well as to the requesting departments.

Supplier Visits

Supplier representatives are expected to visit Procurement Services when they are seeking access to the University.  Variations in workload and personnel absence may prevent the unannounced visitor from seeing departmental personnel.  Suppliers are encouraged to make appointments.

Supplier representatives calling on the University regularly are encouraged to assist the Procurement Services staff and departmental personnel in resolution of order problems.

Business Opportunities

The opportunities for potential suppliers may be limited in some commodity areas.  Procurement Services has contracts in place for commodities of high dollar spend and transaction volume with terms of one to five years.  The opportunity in those commodity areas may be infrequent.

The University posts all open bids on our Procurement Services website.  The bids are posted daily as our buyers enter them into the bid management system.  At the expiration of the bid period, the bid will be removed from the posting the following morning.  The listed buyer should be contacted if there is an interest in bidding on the listed requirements.

Open Bid Opportunities

Staff Directory

Gifts and Gratuities

Procurement Services subscribes to the National Association of Education Procurement Code of Ethics.  All personnel involved in the selection of suppliers and the purchase of goods and services should use this Code of Ethics for guidance in maintaining an appropriate relationship with suppliers.

Staff will refuse to accept gifts from suppliers unless the gift is of nominal value.  The Federal Procurement Integrity Act defines nominal value as "gifts valued at $20 or less per source per occasion".  Examples of gifts that are of nominal value are promotional/logo items such as note pads, calendars, and pens.  Arrange immediately to have the supplier pick up or return any gifts of greater than nominal value.

Insurance Requirements

If fabrication, construction, installation, service or other work is specified to be conducted on the University's premises, the Seller and/or its subcontractor(s), if any, shall maintain force during the period of such work the following coverages: (a) worker's compensation, as required by the laws of the State of Indiana; (b) commercial general liability for bodily injury and/or property damage in the amount of not less than $1,000,000 single limit, per occurrence; (c) automobile liability for bodily injury and/or property damage in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 single limit, per occurrence.  The Seller and/or its subcontractor (s) shall furnish to the University satisfactory proof of such insurance coverages prior to commencement of the work.

Ariba Network

*The following information is for suppliers who are already conducting business with Purdue University on the Ariba Network or those Procurement Services is actively working to enable on the Ariba Network. The Ariba Network is best suited for Purdue University suppliers with high transaction volume.  Procurement Services will work with suppliers to determine whether they should be enabled. 

General Information

The following documents have been provided by Ariba. Please visit supplier.ariba.com for the most current versions and additional information about the Ariba Network.

 Important Forms

Campus Information

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