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Transaction Pause Dates / Transition Period

What's Happening with Ariba - On-going information about what is happening in Ariba.  This is a good place to look if you are having trouble within Ariba. 

Ariba Resources - Page with links to one line help or training information for Ariba and a list of Subject Matter Experts  (SME's) in your area. 


Document Information, Statuses & Exceptions in Ariba - This document attempts to help navigate the screens and terminology for the different documents in Ariba.  Please submit feedback to the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk if there is anything needing clarification.


Requisition Approval Flow  Revised 5/25/15 The visio diagram shows the rules that build the approval flow for requisitions.  This approval flow includes University Stores replenishment contracts (2) and Physical Facilities work orders (3).  For all others, skip steps 2 & 3.   

Invoice Reconciliation Exception Approval Flow Revised: 9/4/14  This visio diagram shows the rules that build the approval flow for invoice reconciliation exceptions. Updated with the Invoice Reconciler role. 


 REPORT HELP - Managing and Oversight for the Procure-to-Pay and Ariba Reports

Open PO

GRIR Clearing

Invoice Reconciliation Exception

IRE Approval Only

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