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Tax Forms for U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents

Employees can update their Federal W-4 and Indiana WH-4 information electronically via Employee Self-Service (ESS).  Employees can access ESS via signing in to the OnePurdue SAP portal, selecting the “Employee Self-Service tab”, then select “Taxes”, then select “W4/WH4 Withholding.

Instructions to the most recent versions of the forms can be found on www.irs.gov or www.in.gov.

IRS withholding calculator  - This allow individuals to accurately calculate the number of withholding allowances to list on their Federal W4 tax withholding form.

Payroll Form 52: Excel document

Certificate of Residence - For Reciprocal States: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Wisconsin (Excel File)

Payroll Form 52A: Excel document

Certificate of Residence - For Employees Who Neither Work Nor Reside In Indiana. (Excel File)

Payroll Form 52C: Excel document Cancellation of Reciprocal Exemption From Withholding of Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax (Excel File)