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Consultant & Personal Payments

Cash Advance Reconciliation Form: Reconciling document for cash advance of per diem and or approved expenses.

Checklist for Determining Worker Classification (Applies to both Resident and Non-Resident Workers): Complete this checklist when there is a question whether the services performed should be classified as independent contractor services. Retain the checklist for your records and document the Form DIV accordingly.

Personal Payments Required Documentation Grid: Outlines the required paperwork for each type of personal payment based on person-type

Initiating a Consulting Agreement & Paying Consultants

  • Initiating a Consulting Agreement
  • Statement of Work Template
  • Substitute W-9
    • Use when making participant payments, paying non-Purdue student or non-staff awards, reimbursement of fees/expenses to speakers, honoraria, artists/entertainers, or consultants. Attach to Invoice Voucher, Business Office Form DIV. A Substitute W-9 is required for payments to an individual by a direct invoice voucher. It is not used for an individual who should be paid through payroll. The form serves as documentation that an individual is entitled to receive a payment.

Nonresident Independent Contractors/Consultant

Individual must complete their file in the Glacier software. Copy all required documents per the Tax Summary printed from the Glacier software.

Visa Payment Reference Sheets and Additional Non-Resident Information

Non-Resident Short-Term Visitors 

Treaty Listing of Tax Treaties (As of January 2005):  This grid shows each country that has a treaty with the United States. It is divided by Teacher/Researcher, Student, Scholarship/Fellowship, and Independent Contractor.

Duplicate or Corrected 1099MISC & 1042S

Requests for duplicate year-end tax statements for independent contractors should be directed to the Tax Department in Kurz Purdue Technology Center (KPTC).

Please complete a Duplicate Tax Request Form and submit to the Tax Department for processing.

For more information, email tax@purdue.edu or call the Tax Department at 765-496-2344.