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DocuSign Forms with SuccessFactors  

Form Purpose Process or References
ADPAY To process awards, extra duty, bravo and other recurring or nonrecurring payments

Cost Override Form

Change in Duty To change location of duty.

Direct Hire Form West Lafayette Campus

Direct hires are not paid by the University and are not included in the SuccessFactors recruitment process. The Form is used to collect needed information.

Direct Hire Form Fort Wayne Campus

Direct Hire Form North West Campus
Overload Payment Form collects needed approvals for extra compensation. Overload compensation less than $2,500 require department head approval, along with the DFA. Those greater than  $2,500 require an additional executive level.
Tech Allowance Form The Electronic Device and Service Policy establishes technology allowance payments as the primary method for staff to use electronic devices and services. Payments offset the cost of personally owned electronic devices and service for documented business need.

Paper Forms active with SuccessFactors 



Process or Reference

Form 19 – Faculty Extension

Faculty Extension

Will be migrating to Docusign 

Form 19L – Lecturer New Appointment (regional campuses only)

Lecturer New Appointment (regional campuses only)

Form 19L – Lecturer Appointment

Lecturer Appointment

Form 19E – Notice of Non-Renewal of Contract

Notice of Non-Renewal of Contract

Multiple Awards Upload Form

This form is to be used for five or more employees receiving an award.


Off-Cycle Payment Request Form with Instructions

An Off-cycle Payroll will generate payments for employees who did not receive pay to which they were entitled during the regular payroll run and the employee cannot be reasonably expected to wait until the next regular payroll run.


Off-Cycle Payroll Request Process

Recurring Payments Upload Form

 Will be migrating into SuccessFactors

Promissory Note: Repayment Agreement for Advance



Paper Forms deactivated by SuccessFactors January 2019  


New Process

CATS Cost Distribution Override through CATS

Cost Distribution Administration

Direct Deposit Application

Direct Deposit is included with the New Employee Data Collection in Onboarding

Form 13 – Employee Information Form

Information is included with the New Employee Data Collection in Onboarding

Fellowship Action Form

Payroll Services Form 9999 Number

Obtaining a 999 Number

Personnel Action (PA) Form

Online through Employee Data Changes and Onboarding

Personnel Change (PC) Request Form

Employee can update information in Employee Profile

Quota Correction Form


Quota Payout Form


Self-Identification Compliance Form

Information is included with the New Employee Data Collection in Onboarding

Student Mass PA Form for End Additionals and Separations


Time Adjustments 2018