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Global Resource Committee Members

Standing Membership:

Chair: Crystal Seibert, Global Support Manager

Ashlee Robertson, Director of Financial Affairs for IP/ISS/Grad School

Beth Siple, Business Manager Liaison

Linda Baer, Payroll Services

Terrri Mimms, Treasury Operations

Mark Kebert, Risk Management

Sasse Steele, Comp and Class/Employment

Eva Nodine, Benefits

Philip O'Keeffe, Procurement

Amanda Hamaker, SPS/Pre-award

Randal Freebourn, Calumet

Brian Mylrea, IPFW

Additional Resource Membership:

Brian Harley, IP/Study Abroad

Tom Atkinson, Grad School

Jess Lowenberg-Deboer, IPIA

Mike Reckowsky, Export Control

Kimberly K. Hoebel, Assistant Comptroller

Matthew D. Clawson, AG

Carolyn Conner, Procurement

Lynn A. Grimes, College of Technology

Nicholas Howell (for Sasse Steele Interim basis only), HR

Denise Laussade, Treasury

Gayle Stetler, Procurement, Travel

Pam Nesbitt, Director-Academic Units and Employee Communications, HR

Omar Sahmoudi, Business Manager, International Programs


Chris Martin, Director of Business Management

Ken Sandel, Senior Director, Sponsored Program Services

Pam Nesbitt, Senior Director, Human Resources

Kathy Thomason, Interim Comptroller

Executive Sponsors:

Jim Almond, SVPBS & AT

Mike Brzezinski, Dean of IP