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What's Happening with iLab - On-going information about what is happening during the iLab Solutions implementation.

General Information

iLab Awareness Presentation

iLab Help - ilabhelp@purdue.edu

Recharge Centers

Life Science Microscopy Facility

Biological Evaluation Core Facility

Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility

Transgenic Mouse Core Facility

Bindley Metabolite Profiling Facility

Bindley Proteomics Profiling Facility

Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Core Facility

Translational Pharmacology Core

Bindley Biophysical Analysis Laboratory

Bindley Bioscience Imaging Facility 

Precision Machining

Scientific Glass Blowing Lab

X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Research Instrumentation Center

Beck Ag Center

Centrally Managed Laboratory Animal Facilities

Plant Phenotyping and Seed Processing

Cryo Electron Microscopy

Confocal Microscope

X-Ray Diffraction


Research Machining Services

BRK Electron Microscopy

BRK Characterization

BRK Etch

BRK Evaporation/Sputtering

BRK Furnace

BRK Lithography


BRK Growth

BRK Metrology

BRK Packaging/Assembly

BRK Roll to Roll Technology

BRK Utility

Agronomy Vehicle Pool

Variety Testing



Life Science MRI

Recharge MRI

Small Animal MRI

Animal Science Meat Lab

Tao Mass Spectometry Facility

CRC Bionutrition Center

Civil Engineering Civil Field Vehicle

Civil Engineering Civil Tarco Field Vehicle

Civil Engineering JTRP Vehicle

Entomology Nematode Soil Facility

Key Fee

School of Materials Preparation and Characterization

Soft Materials Characterization Laboratory (SMC)

X-Ray Recharge Center - Coming Soon!


Center for Aging Infrastructure (CAI)

Chemical Genomics Facility - Coming Soon!

Civil Engineering Pankow Lab

North Central Superpave Center

Mobile Lab (MiMTL)