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Managerial Accounting Services Staff Directory


Phone Number

Kimberly K. Hoebel Assistant Comptroller Managerial Accounting Services khoebel@purdue.edu
(765) 49-41060
Diana Turner-Worden Cost Accounting Manager dturnerw@purdue.edu
(765) 49-66188
Anne Hager Cost Accounting Assistant ahager@purdue.edu
(765) 49-44894
Xi Chen Maxson Fund and Cost Accountant xmaxson@purdue.edu
(765) 49-48053
Cheryl Cornell Cost Accountant clcornell@purdue.edu
(765) 49-40392
Mark Wright Cost Accountant mawright@purdue.edu
(765) 49-68601
Costing or Effort Reporting Information General Information costing@purdue.edu
Global Support
Crystal Seibert Global Support Manager seibert@purdue.edu
(765) 49-47921
Property Accounting
Lisa Geisler Property Accounting Manager lgeisler@purdue.edu
(765) 49-47376
Christina Perry Property Inspector perry58@purdue.edu
(765) 49-47375 
Michelle Radtke Property Inspector mlradtke@purdue.edu
(765) 49-47377