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You can use this website to find information regarding images that are scanned by Central Files using WebNow.  

We have recently moved away from the Stellent/WebView imaging system to a new product, ImageNow/WebNow.    

You can view the WebNow QRC here: https://spa.itap.Purdue.edu/Business/businessatpurdue/QRCs/WebNow.pdf

Access WebNow:  https://cm.itap.Purdue.edu/webnow

Please note the system currently supports Internet Explorer 8 and uses the previous version of JAVA.  If you have difficulty logging in, please make sure you are using Internet Explorer. 

Along with this conversion has come a new electronic approval process using the Role Request Application (RRA ) online.  Please note:   You will only need to request access if this is a new position or if the current position has never used the imaging system access before, otherwise access is now based on position ID and will be granted automatically as people move in and out of the position. If this is the case, then have your supervisor request access to the new system using the link below.

Role Request Application:   https://www2.itap.Purdue.edu/bs/RRA/index.cfm