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ID Card Rules

Every person who receives a Purdue ID card must be aware of some basic rules. They include:

• ID Cards are the property of the University. Any misuse, defacement, modification, alteration, tampering, or deliberate damage to an ID Card and any falsification, forgery, fraudulent or illegal use of an ID Card may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. The University will refer suspected violations of law to appropriate law enforcement authorities.
• A cardholder may only possess one official Purdue ID card at a time.
• ID Cards are nontransferable. Only the individual to whom the card is issued is eligible to use the ID Card for authorized purposes. Cardholders may be subject to a fee for the replacement of a lost or stolen card.
• Cardholders may have accounts tied to their ID Card for the purchase of goods and services at University locations. Cardholders are subject to all terms and conditions of those accounts.
• No department, office, employee, student, or associate of the University may hold another individual’s ID Card as collateral or security.
• The University assumes no responsibility for the misuse of an ID Card.
• The card is subject to confiscation if found in possession of another person.
• If found, please return the card to the ID Card Operations / Support.