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Top 10 Questions

When can I confirm my enrollment?

  • Students can confirm enrollment once the invoices are released. If there is not enough financial aid crediting the bill, students will not be able to confirm their enrollment until the balance on the bill is paid.

When is my bill really due and when will I be cancelled.

  • The bills are always due on the first day of class. There is a grace period until the Monday after the start of classes. If the students are not paid by that time, they may be subject to registration cancellation.

Why do I have a hold?

  • Log-in to your myPurdue account and click on the "Academic" Tab, then click on the "Do I have any holds?" link on the left hand side of the page. Contact the department that placed the hold. If the hold is classified as a "DD Hold", that means you have not signed up for Direct Deposit of excess money and you may do so under the "Financial" tab on your myPurdue account.

When will my excess refund be sent?

  • Student must be in "Accepted" status, then the earliest possible release date will be 7 days before the start of classes. It is then dependent upon the financial aid having been received and fully processed. After this time, it will be refunded as received. If the refund is the result of an overpayment, it is held 14 days before refunding.

Where was my refund check sent, and when was it disbursed?

  • Contact Janet Reed. 765-494-8346, Room 130 Hovde

Where do I mail a check? (REMINDER: Be sure to put PUID on the check!)

  • Purdue University
    Bursar's Office, Hovde Hall
    610 Purdue Mall
    West Lafayette, IN 47907-2040

Where can I obtain historical payment information and print a receipt?

  • Within the TouchNet Payment portal (accessible for students through MyPurdue under the Financial Tab, or for Authorized parents at (https://secure.touchnet.com/C21261_tsa/web/login.jsp), go to the "Payment" tab, then "the Payment History" link. From there, you can indicate the time period that you would like to search for information or to filter on a few various types of information.

Can I pay by credit card at the window?

  • No. The tellers are unable to process either credit card or debit card payments at the window. Credit card payments must be done on-line and there is a fee of 2.75% for processing. We also are unable to accept Visa cards. If a student wants to use a debit card for payment, instead, they should get their routing number and account number for their checking account and make the payment on-line by electronic check, or go to a bank and make a withdrawal and bring it to us.

Reminder: Do not use a Debit Card as a credit card in order to avoid the 2.75% processing fee.

Can I pay over the phone?

  • No. We are unable to take payments for charges on the MyPurdue (Banner) accounts over the phone.

How do I pay my bill?

  • You can pay online thru MyPurdue by checking or savings account with no fee. You can also pay online with a Mastercard, Discover or American Express (Not Visa), however there is a convenience fee of 2.75% when paying via credit card.

If making the payment online please click on this link for detailed instructions:

You can pay in person at the Teller window on the ground floor of Hovde Hall by check, traveler's checks, cashier's check or cash. Checks can also be dropped in our drop box beside door 9 in Hovde Hall, or mailed to the Bursar Office. (See #6 for address).

You can also send a wire transfer as payment on your account. We can e-mail you the instructions, send instruction requests to pstucker@purdue.edu