Risk Management Reminds University Drivers About Use of Vehicles Policy - 09/6/11

With the start of a new semester come many new students and employees. Therefore, Risk Management reminds everyone about the Use of Vehicles for University Business policy and to submit the appropriate documents in a timely manner to have drivers authorized.

The Risk Management website devotes a page to the Use of Vehicles for University Business policy with links to the official policy, policy training and all related documents.  

Regarding driver authorization, please remember:

 Students (including student employees) and volunteers, who need to operate a vehicle on University business, must have a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check completed PRIOR to driving on University business.

 Regular/temporary employees, whose job description requires a valid driver’s license or whose job entails operating a University vehicle five or more times per week, must have an MVR check completed.

 Please allow five business days for this process.
 Regular/temporary employees, who occasionally drive on University business, are still required to be in compliance with the policy but may self-evaluate their driving record. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Fortner at 494-8104, or email her at