Travel Office: International Travelers Need to Know About Federal Export Control Laws - 04/23/09

University travelers who plan to take their Purdue-issued laptop computer, Blackberry, digital storage device or any encryption products abroad, should know about export laws. 

Export control laws may require international travelers to obtain a license or document a license exception under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) prior to taking equipment, electronics or technical data that are controlled overseas.

Export control laws prohibit the unlicensed export of certain items or technologies, or technical data that is not in the open literature for reasons of national security, foreign policy and protection of trade. Violation of these laws and regulations may result in substantial fines and possible confinement.

University travelers need not be alarmed. The Purdue University Office of Research Administration is available to assist. Answers to questions regarding planned international travel may be found on its Web site on the Traveling abroad page or by contacting Mike Reckowsky, research security administrator, by email or phone at 494-1852.