Reminders on Employee Travel Reimbursement - 05/19/09

Business office and clerical staff who process travel documents may find the following reminders for employee travel reimbursements helpful.

1. Listed below are the general ledger (G/L) accounts to be used for employee travel. Please use these G/L account numbers so employee travel can be separated from other travel expenses for reporting purposes:
      535110      In-State Travel
      535120      Out-Of-State Travel
      535130      Foreign Travel
      535170      Domestic Airfare
      535175      Foreign Airfare
      535195      Same-Day Travel
      535210      Sports Recruiting
      533600      Reg Fees-Domestic
      533605      Reg Fees-Foreign

General ledger account 535010 should not be used until the OnePurdue travel module goes live. A “go-live” date has not yet been established.

2. Please verify that the PUID number on the Form 25 is for the correct traveler before sending to the Travel Office. In addition, be sure the traveler’s name on the Form 25 is the same as HR/payroll records. Simply putting the first and last name may not be enough information. Jane Doe could be Jane A. Doe, Jane M. Doe or Catherine Jane Doe.

Payments made to the wrong person can be difficult to resolve. If the wrong person is paid, the money must be retrieved so the account is replenished prior to paying the correct person.

3. Please do not write or stamp dates in the box located in the lower right box of the Form 25. This is used by the Central Travel Office only.

4. All documentation should be in place and handwritten items legible prior to sending to the Travel Office. Complete travel documents require less time to audit and fewer phone or email inquiries which cause delays in reimbursements.

Please review the Instructions for Completing Form 17 and Helpful Hints for Completing Form 25.

For more information, please contact Linda Ford, travel manager, by email or phone, 494-1699.