TIP: Before Reserving Conference Hotel Room, First Compare Rates at - 06/16/09

The University Travel Department recently compared room rates of a few conference hotels to rates offered by, a hotel booking Web site available through the Purdue hotel reservation program. The comparison found that some of the rates beat those offered by the conference.

The Travel Department encourages staff to check hotel rates through the Purdue Reservation Program’s before booking lodging at a conference hotel. Not only are better rates likely, but reservation fees can be charged to the new Purdue Hotel Credit Card, which is installed in the site.

The Travel Department encourages staff to take advantage of the Purdue hotel reservation program and the hotel credit card anytime they travel on University business. Even when planning personal travel, Purdue employees can obtain the same rates and convenience by booking their hotel reservation through, although they must use their own credit card for travel unrelated to University business.

For more information about the Purdue hotel program, please visit the page through the University Travel Web site and follow the steps outlined. To book a reservation, Purdue employees must first log into the Purdue system with their Career Account and password.

More information also is available by emailing the Travel Department or calling 494-1699.