Changes Planned for Travel Form 17 and Int’l Evacuation and Medical Insurance Program - 09/1/11

Effective Oct. 1, the cost of the International Evacuation and Medical Insurance Program will be centrally funded for faculty and staff and no longer directly recharged to a departmental account via the Travel Form 17 (Request for Authority to Travel on University Business).

According to the Risk Management Department, after the change goes into effect, the dollar amount that faculty, staff, or their respective business managers should list in the Form 17’s Section 14, Box J is $0. Funding processes have not changed for students and graduate students, who are still required to list a cost of $32 for each month of travel.

Only the funding process for faculty and staff coverage is changing. The required completion of the Form 17 and its approval prior to travel are not affected. The mandatory registration for international coverage for all travel abroad remains the same. Completed and approved Travel Form 17s for international travel should still be faxed to Risk Management at (765) 496-1338.

The Form 17 and associated websites will be updated to reflect the change.

Questions about the changes may be directed to Rochelle Hines of the Risk Management Department at 494-7695.