Travel Office Announces Change to American Express Corporate Card Statement - 04/23/09

Beginning with the June 29 billing statement, American Express is switching to electronic delivery of monthly statements for all holders of a Purdue American Express Corporate card account.

The change has been initiated by American Express, not Purdue University. It is not optional. Cardholders already enrolled for paperless statements will see no change.

Inserts in cardholders’ April and May statements will explain how to access the statements online.

To access statements online, cardholders must visit the American Express Web site to enroll and register their account in Manage Your Card Account (MYCA). They will receive a monthly “Statement Ready” e-mail notification one or two days after the statement closing date as a reminder that the statement is available to view online.

With e-statements -- the secure online account management tool from American Express -- cardholders will be able to access statements earlier and initiate charge and payment inquiries from anywhere via the Internet.