Risk Management Announces New Online Van Training Program - 11/11/11

Risk Management — in cooperation with Transportation Services, Physical Facilities Training, and Student Services Computing — has launched a new, online van training program. The training is accessible through WebCert, a certification tool currently used for University training programs such as HIPAA, FERPA, and others.

The training includes an updated video explaining the risks inherent with operating larger vehicles. The video is followed by a short quiz to confirm the participant’s understanding of the material presented. After successfully completing the quiz, users are presented with an online certificate to print for their personal records.

A list of drivers who have successfully completed van training will be included in the Approved Driver Database, accessible from Risk Management’s Vehicle Use Info website.

Van training is valid for one year. But to operate a van on University business, drivers who successfully complete van training must also meet the minimum driver qualification as defined in the Use of Vehicles for University Business Policy.

The training also can be accessed from Risk Management’s Vehicle Use Info website. To open the WebCert login page, click the Van Training Program link under the “Resources” header. Users may log in with their Career Account and password, then scroll down and select “Risk Management,” then “Purdue Passenger Van Training” to open the training video. After viewing the video, the participant can select “Enter Test” to access the short quiz. Most participants should be able to watch the video and complete the quiz in 30 minutes or less, Risk Management says.

Risk Management offers the following reminders related to van training:

• Employees who operate 12- and 15-passenger sized vans, regardless of the number of passengers onboard, must complete the passenger van training program prior to operating a van on University Business.
• Students and volunteers who operate ANY SIZE van must be at least 20 years of age, have at least two years of licensed driving experience, and must complete van training.
• Departments are responsible for ensuring that their van drivers have completed the required training before approving travel that involves the use of a van.

Risk Management expresses its appreciation to the staff in Transportation Service, Physical Facilities Training, and Student Services Computing for all their time and effort in helping to bring this updated training program to the University community.