A New, Self-Guided Funds Management Course in Blackboard - 08/30/11

“BSFM 100—Intro to Funds Management,” a new, self-guided online course has opened for registration.

The online course is the first of a series of funds management courses. It serves as the foundation for the remainder of the series.

The introductory class provides an overview of these topics:
      Unit 1 — Course introduction and basic accounting terminology
      Unit 2 — Fund types
      Unit 3 — Stewardship of funds
      Unit 4 — Accounting in SAP

Other courses in the series are:
      BSFM 150 — System Inquiry to Finance
      BSFM 200 — Chart of Accounts
      BSFM 250 — Documents in SAP
      BSFM 300 — Advanced Funds Management

The target audience for the series is central and decentralized business staff and anyone who deals with funds management.

To register for the online course:
     1. Click BSFM 100—Intro to Funds Management.
     2. Click “Add to Cart.”
     3. Click “Checkout.”
     4. Sign in with Purdue career account and password.
     5. Confirm that the registration information that displays is correct and click “Submit.”
     6. Verify that the information that displays is correct and click “Process Registration” to complete the registration. Within 24 hours of enrolling, registrants can expect to find the course on their Blackboard course list.
     7. Access Blackboard by logging in to the Blackboard (Purdue Non-academic Campus) portal, available through the Business Services Training and Communications website and the BSTC Training Calendar.