BSTC Offers Enhanced Course Information and Registration Via SharePoint - 01/25/11

Business Services Training and Communications has unveiled its new SharePoint site providing business office staff access to training courses and curriculum, presentation dates and availability, course materials, and a more efficient registration process.

Business office staff can gain full access to the BSTC Training Schedule and Curriculum SharePoint site with their career account (preceded by “onepurdue/”) and password.

After logging in, staff wishing to sign up for a course need only click their selection on the calendar. That opens the course description, materials and a direct link to the course in the training registration system. There, registrants can select their desired class date, or section, by clicking “Add to Cart.” Registrants are guided through the enrollment process and can add the class meeting to their personal Outlook calendar.

The link to “Course Schedules” on the left side of the page provides another method to open the calendar where each course name takes users to its corresponding registration page. The entire course schedule can be sorted by work activity by clicking the drop-down menu next to the word “View” on the right side of the header. There are two possible selections for each work activity, either a calendar view or a list view. Either view allows users to register for a course.

The “Business Office Curriculum” link replaced the Excel Pivot Table previously used by training coordinators and managers to identify courses for new employee. From this link, supervisors and training coordinators can provide employees with a list of courses they can register for themselves.

A clickable link to the BSTC Training Schedule and Curriculum SharePoint site is provided in the right column of the BSTC website’s home page. A quick reference card for the Training Schedule and Curriculum Website provides illustrated details for navigating through the new SharePoint site.

Users can make the SharePoint site a trusted intranet site. For instructions, please refer to the Making SharePoint Trusted Sites QRC.

The BSTC developed the new SharePoint site based on input from the training coordinators.

The Business Services Training and Communications Team asks supervisors or training coordinators to send the curriculum lists for their new employees to, and BSTC will complete the course registration for the new employee’s first three months.

To submit comments and questions about the new site, please contact