SecurePurdue: Send Restricted Mail in Unmarked Envelope - 02/26/09

In an effort to keep restricted, intra-campus mail secure, Business Services urges University staff to review the guidelines established by ITaP Networks & Security for transferring restricted information by campus mail.

ITaP’s requirements for restricted data handling, updated in July 2007, eliminated the distinction between campus and external mail. The former guidelines called for marking the envelope “Confidential.” However, the revised guidelines eliminate that recommendation.

Thus, an envelope used for restricted material – whether for delivery by campus mail, United States Postal Service or any other mail transportation service – should bear no external markings that could reveal the sensitivity of the contents. Instead, the guidelines state that the envelope should be sealed “in such a way that tampering would be indicated upon receipt.”

For more information concerning guidelines for mailing restricted information, read the July 2007 edition of SecurePurdue News and the October 2008 Data Handling and Security flyer.  For more security information, visit the SecurePurdue Web site.