ITaP Warns of Current Phishing Scam - 09/3/09

ITaP’s Desktop Computing Services is warning University Internet users of another unauthorized “phishing” attempt aimed at gathering Purdue information via the Web.

The scam involves an email claiming to be from Purdue’s “webmaster” asserting that the University is preparing to change its domain name. But, as ITaP’s warning emphasizes, Purdue is not changing its domain name, nor is it becoming a “.com” site.

The request asks recipients of the email to update their Web browser to point to a bogus Purdue home page. According to ITaP, the fraudulent Web page appears to pass requests through, capture all traffic and then route it to Purdue in an effort to gather everything being sent or received from a Purdue system or user.

Please ignore the email from “webmaster of,” do not change any computer settings, and do not attempt to respond to the request or any other request of that type. 

ITaP’s Network and Security team is working on a remedy and asks business offices to help make sure users in their areas do not respond to the email.

For more information about email scams, please refer to the June 30 Business @ Purdue News article, “Avoid Getting ‘Hooked’ by Phishing Scams.”