Internal Proposals in Coeus for Fellowship Awards Process Revised - 06/29/10

Sponsored Program Services (SPS) has revised the process for completing internal proposals in Coeus for fellowships that did not route through SPS prior to submission to the sponsor. 

Internal proposals must be completed prior to award setup for all fellowship awards, both federal and non-federal, named to a specific student. Thus, an internal proposal is necessary when a Form 90, Fellowship Assignment, is required.

The revised process requires that the business office send a copy of the sponsor offer letter, student acceptance to the sponsor, Purdue student offer letter and a copy of the Form 90 to the fellowship’s account manager PRIOR to routing the Form 90 for signatures. The fellowship’s account manager will work with the appropriate pre-award center at that time to complete the internal proposal.

All documents related to an internal proposal for fellowships will now be uploaded in Coeus. Paper files no longer will be maintained by Pre-Award for these proposals. This change will require the business office staff to log in to Coeus and pull the necessary documents from the Coeus development record. Instructions for accessing attachments in Coeus are available on the Coeus website

The revised guidelines for this process, Process for Completing Internal Proposals for Fellowships, are available on the SPS website.