Special Processing Needed for Capital Equipment SRM Orders Greater Than $50,000 on Sponsored Program Funds - 03/23/10

SRM orders for capital equipment purchases greater than $50,000 and charged partially or entirely on sponsored program funds requires special processing. Sponsored Program Services (SPS) reviews these transactions to assure that sponsor approval for the purchase has been obtained.

If federal funds are being used for the purchase, SPS will also verify whether the internal equipment screening form (Verification of Equipment Non-Availability, available on the Business Forms Web page) has been completed, signed and included as an attachment to the shopping cart.

In addition, if the federal funding is ARRA funding, this should be noted in the internal notes section of the shopping cart as well as identified in the title of the shopping cart. Instructions on identifying shopping carts with ARRA funds can be found on Page 13 of the Purdue University ARRA Handbook.

For capital equipment orders greater than $50,000, business office staff must add Ruthann Goffinet (user name = RSIMS) as a dynamic approver. Prior to adding her as a dynamic approver, please call 494-1055 to alert her that the shopping cart will be sent to her. Doing so is especially important if the shopping cart is a rush. If she is out of the office, a substitute name will be provided to the caller to help avoid delays in getting the shopping cart approved by SPS.

Ruthann Goffinet will forward the shopping cart to Heather Toro, senior operations manager account management, to coordinate SPS approval of the shopping cart. Additional information on the SPS internal review of SRM orders for capital equipment greater than $50,000 can be found on the SPS Web site and on the Research/Post Award processes page of Business @ Purdue. Please refer questions about the process to Heather Toro.