Reminder: Coeus Electronic Documents Are Restricted Data - 07/26/11

SPS reminds staff with access to the Coeus Proposal Development module that proposal information is restricted data based on the Data Classification for Sponsored Programs. This includes electronic documents that are stored as narratives/attachments.  

So what are some items to be aware of?

Requests for proposal information or documents Proposal information should be provided only to those authorized to view the data; for example, the principal investigator of the proposal. Other faculty or staff who request information should direct their request to the principal investigator. Business office or SPS staff who need information to conduct their University responsibilities should have access to the data according to the Data Security and Access Policy.

Printing documents Printed copies of electronic documents must be handled securely. See the Action and Restricted columns of the Security Requirements for Handling Information.

Displaying documents on your computer monitor If you have a document displayed on your screen, lock your computer if you need to move away from your computer. 

For more information, see the SecurePurdue website for educational resources for data classification and handling. The Business Services Security website also has tabs with links to data practices, policies and procedures and other resources.