HRS: Supervisory Report May Be Useful - 09/30/08

A regional campus requested this Supervisory Report asking for a list of all active employees, org unit, and supervisor. Human Resource Services thought it would be of value to other areas too because there is a need for a query providing this type of information.

The Tcode for this report is ZHR_SUPERVISOR. If you have the HR departmental processor role, you have the appropriate permissions to run the report.

Report limitations:
          1. If the position has a supervisor assigned, that position is what will be reported.
          2. If a supervisor is assigned to a position but the supervisor position is vacant, then the report will show no supervisor.
          3. If no supervisor is assigned to the position, then the org unit chief will appear as the supervisor of the position on the report.
          4. If the org unit chief position is vacant, then the report will show no supervisor.
          5. If there is no supervisor or org unit chief designated, the report will show no supervisor.
          6. The only supervisor information available is name and pernr.

Data elements identified for the report:
          -- Employee Last Name (Last Name)
          -- Employee First Name (First Name)
          -- Employee Middle Name (Middle Name)
          -- Employee Pernr (Pers.No.)
          -- Employee PUID (Prev.PersNo.)
          -- Employee Org Unit # (Org.unit)
          -- Employee Org Unit Name (Organizational Unit)
          -- Supervisor Pernr (Pers.No.)
          -- Supervisor Name (Name of Superior, OM)

To create or change a supervisor relationship, please complete the Supervision Roster and send it to HR Compensation in Freehafer Hall. Contact Julie Bilbrey in HRS if you have questions about the Supervision Roster process.