New Monthly Demurrage Report Available on SharePoint - 11/9/10

Business Management and Physical Facilities have created a new spreadsheet that combines data from SAP and the Physical Facilities demurrage database to help improve account management for demurrage. The spreadsheet is accessible to all business offices on the Purchasing SharePoint site.

Demurrage is a monthly fee for the “rental” of gas cylinders. Lecture bottles (and some larger cylinders) are not subject to demurrage, but most are. The vendor charges Purdue Stores, Chem Stores and Lilly Stores, and the charges are passed along to the account which purchased the cylinder. The demurrage fee stops after the cylinder is returned to the vendor.

The spreadsheet allows users to review each month’s demurrage charges by Co-PI, account, and grant status (expired/expiring). It is formatted with four tabs that summarize demurrage charges by:
       1. Those posting to expired accounts
       2. Those posting to accounts expiring in the next 90 days
       3. All demurrage charges on SPS accounts
       4. All demurrage on departmental accounts.

The three SPS reports have been sorted by Co-PI to allow staff to easily copy reports to share with faculty and other staff.

The Fund Center Group tab in each of the pivot tables is collapsed as a default. To expand it, click the plus sign (+) in front of the seven-digit fund center, and the details of the demurrage charges will be viewable.

First-time staff members who visit the Purchasing SharePoint site will need to request access before they can log in. Staff who already have access to the monthly “Procure-to-Pay Reports” on this SharePoint site will not need to request access again. Procurement Services has made the Instructions to Request Access to the SharePoint available online. Staff who log on to their computer with their career account and password can set up an intranet site, which will save them from logging in to the SharePoint site each time they visit.

Procurement Services has provided online Instructions for Setting Up an Intranet Site. Note that the intranet will not be available to staff who log on to their computer with something other than their career account.
Please review the reports monthly to help ensure that demurrage is properly managed. Remove demurrage charges from expired accounts and work with faculty and staff in advance of account expiration to process changes or cancellation of demurrage tanks for projects that are about to expire. The reports will be updated monthly and available by the first of each month.

To make changes to the account information or return cylinders, please contact University Stores. In addition, a process provided by Physical Facilities for returning cylinders has been placed on the SharePoint site for reference.